More than 1160 people have signed a petition calling for more frequent V/Line train services to run through Tarneit and Wyndham Vale stations during peak hours.

The petition was started by local commuter Eldhose Varghese.

The petition states there are “long intervals between services during the peak hours” for trains travelling through the two stations to the city and return.

Mr Varghese said if commuters missed the 5.16pm service from the CBD to Wyndham Vale, they had to wait another 30 minutes for the next train.

“Often, then when the next train comes, it will only run with three carriages and everyone will literally push each other to try to get on,” he said.

Mr Varghese also mentions the issue of trains running short in the petition.

“Unfortunately, many V/Line services run with reduced capacity [three carriages only)] during these peak hours which makes it almost impossible for the residents of Wyndham Vale/Tarneit to board the train,” the petition states.

“This results in a delay in our daily plans/office hours.

“This seems to be happening more often now.

“As you understand it’s not easy to be excused for being late to office just because a train is late/reduced capacity/cancelled.”

Mr Varghese said often the train was so crowded that passengers had to stand in a marked-off section of the carriages located near the conductor’s office, which has a ‘no standing’ sign.

“When the train is particularly full, it will not stop at Wyndham Vale or Tarneit station,” he said.

Mr Varghese said that tensions could also become strained between passengers when the train was particularly full, with “ugly” comments being made by some travellers.

“I don’t want to hear the situation one day escalates or that someone got hurt,” he said.

Mr Varghese said he and his fellow commuters felt “very stressed” by the situation, which is why he decided to start the petition.

The Department of Transport was contacted for comment.