Point Cook residents are being urged to look out for a black dog roaming the streets after a vicious attack on a rescue dog last week.

It took four people to free nine-year-old Yoshie from the jaws of the dog after it rushed Yoshie and his pet sitter in Parkwood Terrace.

Yoshi, a red heeler/papilion cross, is recovering at home after emergency surgery on puncture wounds to his neck.

“This dog full charged towards us,” pet sitter Kristel Buttgieg said.

“This black dog had no collar and no owners anywhere to be seen.”

Ms Buttgieg said she was walking Yoshie in Parkwood Terrace about 1.30pm on September 4 when what she described as a black pitbull/staffy cross “came out of nowhere”.

“Knowing Yoshie [was] recently adopted and wanting to protect him as much as I could, I picked him up and started walking in the opposite direction.

“This dog full charged towards us and Yoshie freaked out and fell out of my arms.

“This black dog then pinned him to the ground and latched on. The only thing I could do was try and grab this dog by the scruff of his neck and try and pull him off poor Yoshie.”

Ms Buttgieg said she called out to some nearby construction workers for help.

“Three of them came to the rescue and it took all four of us to finally get this black dog off,” she said.

The dog eventually ran away and Yoshie, who was left with four or five deep punctures to his neck, was rushed to the vets for emergency surgery.

Ms Buttgieg said she later returned to the site to thank the construction workers for their help during the dog attack.

Wyndham council’s director of city operations Stephen Thorpe said that a dog attack was reported to the council on Wednesday, September 4.

“Council’s animal management team has started its investigation into locating the offending dog,” Mr Thorpe said.

“If residents spot wandering dogs without their owners present, we strongly encourage them to contact council on 9742 0777.”