Park rangers are calling on nature lovers to dob in illegal rubbish dumpers at national parks and reserves.

Parks Victoria western regional director Sally Lewis said littering and rubbish dumping are ongoing problems for rangers, who care for 4.1 million hectares of the state and coastline.

“Unfortunately, each year our park rangers have to clean up tonnes of rubbish that is illegally dumped by people,” Ms Lewis said.

“This rubbish is harmful to the environment, plants and animals, and is unsightly and potentially hazardous for visitors.”

She said the highly involved process of removing rubbish cost Parks Victoria about $1 million each year and diverted rangers’ time away from managing and improving the state’s parks and reserves.

Ms Lewis encouraged anyone who witnesses illegal dumping to use the Environment Protection Authority’s Report Litter app or call the Litter line.

“Park rangers will pursue litterers and rubbish dumpers, and we encourage members of the public to continue to report people doing the wrong thing,” she said.

Penalties for people caught littering or dumping rubbish can include fines and prosecution resulting in convictions and even possible imprisonment.

Litter line: 1300 372 842.