Parking sensors have been turned on in a number of on-street parking bays in Sunshine and St Albans.

As reported by Star Weekly, Brimbank council has installed 50 sensors in Alfrieda Street, St Albans, and 50 in Devonshire Road, Sunshine.

Mayor Lucinda Congreve said the sensors would help ensure turnover of parking spaces in high-demand areas.

“We all know how frustrating it can sometimes be to find a parking space when you really need one- especially at peak times. It’s even more frustrating when other drivers don’t observe the rules and overstay parking time limits,” she said.

“Parking limits are there for a reason. They make it easier for drivers to find a public parking space in areas of high demand, which ultimately allows more visitors and customers to flow through our busy town centres which benefits local business.

“There will be no changes to your obligations as a driver. You still need to observe the limit on the parking sign.”

Cr Congreve said the sensors would remove the need for council parking inspectors to rely on the manual chalking of car tyres to monitor use of timed parking spaces.

There will be no change to how parking infringements are issued.

Temporary signs will be installed in areas where parking sensors are in operation.