Police have been called on to investigate a series of inflammatory anti-Semitic flyers being handed out in Footscray.

The flyers, dropped into letterboxes on Barkly Street, make highly-inflammatory accusations against Jews.

The flyer describes Jews as “pure evil” and trying to “destroy our world” and directs people to seek out further anti-Jewish, pro-Hitler and holocaust denial propaganda.

Anti-Defamation Commission chairman Dr Dvir Abramovich said the “poisonous” flyers delivered last week reflected a recent “explosion of hatred” and a dangerous escalation of anti-Semitic sentiment.

“This escalation is very troubling, and it’s clear that anti-Semites are redoubling their efforts like never before, to spread their poisonous ideology,” he said.

“We denounce in the strongest possible terms this contemptible and unsettling flyer that incites against Jews and traffics in abhorrent stereotypes, conspiracy theories and fear.”

Dr Abramovich said recent anti-immigration sentiment reflected in media and politics was fanning the flames of hatred and emboldening far-right groups.

“It is very distressing that it is happening, we never know when these sentiments may become physical,” he said.

“The dam has been broken, the level of intolerance we are seeing is really surging.”

Dr Dvir Abramovich said although anti-Semitic sentiment was nothing new, he had never seen this particular flyer before.

But he said the “ugly” slurs and taints in these materials have been used throughout history to provoke hatred and violence against the Jewish people.

“The repugnant charges made against Jews in this flyer attempt to drive a potentially dangerous wedge between communities and poses a threat to the values of inclusivity and respect that we cherish.”

The flyer has been provided to Victoria Police.