Point Cook mother Nicole Parkinson will have several reasons to celebrate on Sunday.

It will be the first Mother’s Day Ms Parkinson spends with her three-month-old son, Oliver Jack, also known as Ollie.

Ollie was born nine weeks premature, to Ms Parkinson and her husband Brad, at Werribee Mercy Hospital.

Because of his early birth, Oliver was transferred to the Mercy Hospital for Women in Heidelberg, where he spent almost two weeks, before being transferred back to the Special Care Nursery at Werribee Mercy.

Ruby, five, and her brother Oliver. Photo by Damjan Janevski.

A brother to sisters Ruby, aged five, and Emily, aged 17, Oliver is a happy and healthy youngster.

Oliver was the most popular name for boys born in Australia last year. More than 2060 infants were christened with the moniker, followed by William (with 1740 names) and Jack (1595 names).

The most popular girl’s name was Charlotte (1687 names), followed by Olivia (1477 names) and Ava (1349 names), according to the research firm McCrindle.