Kalkallo, Dallas and Lalor have been listed among Melbourne’s most affordable and liveable suburbs, new figures show.

A recent housing report, released by People’s Choice of Housing, revealed that the northern suburbs dominated the top 50 suburbs in the state.

Kalkallo ranked in the top six suburbs.

People’s Choice chief executive Steve Laidlaw said the report provided a unique perspective on Melbourne’s complex housing market for first-home buyers.

“Liveability can mean very different things depending on who you are talking to, so we look at a broad range of factors buyers might consider besides the cost of buying a home,” Mr Laidlaw said.

“They are the things that really matter when you’re living there – things like safety, local schools, public transport links, economic prospects and how close you are to areas of employment.”

The top four suburbs, Watsonia North, Yallambie, Gowanbrae and Wattle Glen, had a median house price of $700,000 – at the higher end of affordability.

Mr Laidlaw said the report also highlighted suburbs offering high liveability without the high price tag.

“Dallas ranks 13th overall and its median price of $450,000 is considerably more affordable than the top four,” he said.

“It is relatively close to the city, has two schools and reasonable public transport coverage including ready access to Upfield station.

“Although it may be outshadowed by other liveable suburbs, its affordability may open the door for many people.”

Information: peopleschoicecu.com.au/housing-report