Hundreds of people have signed petitions calling for a Community Postal Agency to be established at the Werribee South General Store.

Store owner Gary Hardman began the petitions about three weeks ago, in response to customer comment that they would like a local postal service, to pick up parcels.

Copies of the petition are available to sign at both the general store and the next-door cafe, Caffe Di Daniela, which Mr Hardman also owns. So far, more than 360 people have signed the petitions.

An online petition at has been signed by more than 75 people.

Australia Post has more than 700 Community Postal Agencies (CPAs), which offer varying mail and postage services.

Mr Hardman said about three months ago, he had filled out an “expression of interest”, at the Australia Post website, for the Werribee South General Store to become a CPA.

However, he says he is yet to hear back from Australia Post.

Mr Hardman said he did not think that a CPA would earn much money, but it was a service urgently needed in Werribee South.

“We are a very community-minded business and want to do things which the community needs,” he said.

Mr Hardman said when residents missed deliveries at their homes, they were often left a note telling them to pick up the parcel from Australia Post in Hoppers Crossing.

But Mr Hardman said driving to Hoppers Crossing in peak time could take an hour or more.

“Our customers have mentioned they would like a local postal outlet multiple times, because people don’t want to make the horror trip to Hoppers Crossing,” he said.

An Australia Post spokesperson said the organisation did not believe Werribee South required a CPA “at this point in time”.

But the spokesperson said that Australia Post would continue to “monitor” the situation.

See to sign the petition.