Tarneit yoga teacher Trevor Walsh has lived in the area for 10 years. He runs a business called Be Wise Yoga and teaches classes across Wyndham.

What do you like most about the suburb?

It’s a nice, quiet area on the outskirts of town. It’s very easy to travel to other locations and the city, so if you want to go anywhere, it’s nice and close. The only downside is that all my family, and many of my friends, live in the eastern suburbs.


What originally attracted you to live in Wyndham?

My wife comes from the western suburbs, she is originally from Altona. She grew up around there and spent many years there.


What are some of your favourite places in Wyndham?

There are so many great areas, including the beach. The Riverbend Historical Park is really nice, down by the Italian Social Club and down by Werribee South, on a day with nice weather. Werribee Mansion is also very nice. I haven’t been down there for awhile, but last year we ran a ‘Yoga at the Mansion’ program for the month of April. That was great, we had around 30 or 40 people at each session. People like doing healthy things in a natural setting. The Werribee South beach is the most popular place we have run outdoor classes.


Since you settled in Tarneit what changes have you noticed in the area?

There have been a lot of changes, in regards to the Tarneit train station, we are very close to that. It’s just fantastic because it’s usually just a 20 to 25 minute train trip and you’re at Southern Cross train station. On a slow day it might be 35 minutes. But you’ve only got three stops, Sunshine, Footscray and Southern Cross, then you’re in Melbourne. There has also been massive growth in Tarneit. It’s amazing being here 10 years – when we first moved to the area you could see paddocks everywhere, now there are all the houses.