Trevor Murphy is not a man who likes to sit still. The 64-year-old Point Cook resident is semi-retired from the airforce and spends the rest of his time as an umpire with the Werribee Softball Association. The Lalor Hero fit in a quick chat with Charlene Macaulay.

How did you come to live in Point Cook?

I was born in Belfast, in Northern Ireland, and was raised in Adelaide – immigrated with my family in 1956. Went to school in Adelaide and joined the air force in 1969, and then moved around with the military. I had postings to Laverton and Point Cook, Tottenham … I married a girl out of America who preferred to live in this area, and this is where we’ve settled. I was with the air force for 34 years and now I’m with the army reserves part time and I train the air force cadets.

What was it about this area that attracted you both?

I think it was the climate and the similarities from where she came from in Oregon. We’ve been married 35 years. I joined the military in ’69 and got out in ’78 and travelled around Europe and America for two-and-a-half years and met her while I was travelling. We’ve got two boys, both grown men, still living at home.

You’re an umpire with the Werribee Softball Association. How did you get into the sport?

As an adolescent, I played baseball. Through my military career, I had a requirement to take on a secondary appointment, which got me involved in softball. As I got older and less competitive in the baseball arena, I moved over to softball and continued to play softball right up until my late 50s. I still play masters. As a club member, everybody is expected to help out with umpiring at some point for a season. Through that, I got involved in umpiring and I guess I was reasonably good at it and someone suggested I should become a full-time umpire. I’ve gone through the ranks. I’m now an international umpire. I’m off to New Zealand next week to umpire the Challenge Cup. I first got involved with the association here in 1993.

Do you have any other hobbies?

When I get the opportunity, I like to travel, and I don’t mind gardening. I’ve been working on a project to possibly take about 10 people on the Kokoda Track in the next 18 months.

You were named a Lalor Hero in 2016. Was that because of your work with the Werribee Softball Association?

Yes, it was. Someone through the association nominated me. I was surprised and pleased.