MY WYNDHAM: Hoppers Crossing university student Mercy Glenn, 22, is the author of a blog called Through My Eyes, which has readers in Australia, Germany, America, the United Kingdom, Ghana and Kenya.


What inspired you to start a blog?


I wanted to reach out to young people, especially those that are struggling with self-worth and self-acceptance. I wanted to share my incontrovertible love for Jesus and encourage the youth in whatever they are going through, mainly instilling positivity and drive as well. When I started blogging, I asked God that everything I wrote would help my readers in one way or another. That God would give me the right things to write. I don’t randomly pick topics to write on. I pray before, during and after I write. I love that I have a platform to share my thoughts and inspirations. I love that I am already being impactful at my age.


What are the challenges involved in blogging?


Time is a definite limiting factor, especially because I have been studying and working part-time as well. My blog is low-key about fashion, too – that goes with the photos that I put up with every post. Just for people to have an idea of a variety of styles of dressing that are modest, chic and classy.


Do you like getting feedback, or positive reactions from your readers?


I love getting feedback and, yes, I’ve gotten really good feedback since I started my blog. The kind words from people really do keep me going. Makes me know someone out there actually benefits from my blog, and that’s the sole reason I started to write. I love that my blog is already being read across the nations. The fact that I get to share information that is so tender and valuable to me with everyone else, not just in Australia but worldwide – now that’s a dream come true … God willing in future, I’m going to reach out to even more countries, but right now my main focus is local.


What do you like most about Wyndham?


I love that infrastructure is always being improved for the benefit of the community members … Tarneit station, expansion of Werribee Mercy Hospital, building of shopping centres, among many others.


What would you change about the area?


Probably enhance more security at night so that it is more safe.


Do you have a favourite place within Wyndham?


Yes. It’s my secret thinking place, Wyndham Harbour at Werribee South at sunset. It’s so peaceful and beautiful.


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