MY WYNDHAM: Manuel and Mary Scorsis have been living in Werribee for around 45 years. They chat with Alesha Capone.

Manuel, I hear you’re a massive Western Bulldogs fan?

I’ve been going for the Western Bulldogs since 1965. I arrived in Australia in 1964, from Greece. I started work with my brother Tom, he was an Essendon supporter. I arrived on the Friday and he took me to the football in Essendon on the Monday. I didn’t really like it, because in my country we played soccer. Then a couple of years went past, and E.J. ‘Teddy’ Whitten, who was good friends with my brother, would come into the shop where we worked. He came into the kitchen and said to me, ‘You barrack for the Bulldogs?’ Also, the plastic strips hanging in the door were red, white and blue, Bulldogs colours, so he said: ‘You have to go for the Bulldogs’. But I didn’t know who they were. Then he (Teddy) and his soon took me to a couple of games, and from then on I started barracking for the Bulldogs and I never miss a game. He would take me to sit where the coaches sat. I’ve gone interstate for games and got to know a lot of the coaches and assistant coaches.

Has Werribee changed a lot since you first moved here?

Manuel: The area has changed a lot. It’s grown in everything, more houses and it’s more populated, which is a good thing. I’d never change this place, I love it. Even if I won $10 million, I’d stay here in Werribee. It’s open, you can see the sun, not buildings everywhere.

Mary: We love our little house, we’re very comfortable here.

And you also ran a fish and chip shop for many years?

Manuel: I did the job for nearly 50 years and I’m retired now. Our first shop was in Millers Road, Altona North. We had shops in Harrington Square in Altona, one in Kookaburra Avenue in Werribee and Woodville Park.

I hear you’re good with chickens.

Manuel: I have nine chickens, I have had them for about five years. I had them more for the grandchildren at the start, but I have them for eggs now. The chickens follow me around and my family calls them my girlfriends. I’m always out the back working in the garden. I’ve put in tomatoes, chillies and cucumbers.

How long have you been married?

Manuel: We have been married for 51 years, we have three kids and four grandsons. Our daughter Linda is the only one who goes for the Bulldogs though. Mary and I met each other at the Fitzroy Town Hall. I said to her, ‘I want to marry you’. I looked younger then and she said, ‘You’re a bit too young to marry me’.

Where do you like to get coffee?

Manuel: We always go to the plaza and have a coffee at Jamaica Blue.

Mary: It’s the best coffee we’ve found in the area.