My Wyndham: David and Mia Kenning, who originally hail from the UK and Taiwan respectively, recently became Australian citizens. 

How long have you been living in Point Cook?

We’ve lived in Wyndham since buying our first house in Australia in 2009 and moved to Point Cook in November 2017. We decided to move as we wanted our kids to attend the fantastic Featherbrook College. We have friends in the area and really needed more space. We’ve seen a focus on building and infrastructure which is really transforming the area. Facilities such as Aquapulse and Eagle Stadium are vital for maintaining the community’s health and well-being and play a huge part in Wyndham’s livability.

What made you and Mia decide to become Australian citizens?

We wanted to commit to Australia, both our sons were born here and feel that it has become home. My pragmatic decision came from the desire to commit not only to Australia and its people, but also to my wife and our Aussie-born sons. A willingness to adapt, learn and grow, led us on the path to Wyndham several years ago, and to today where we recited the pledge and wholeheartedly sang the anthem. It was wonderful to see so many people enjoying the day with family and friends, and to be formally welcomed so warmly into our thriving community. Every one of us has a unique story, and something special to offer Australia.

Was it a hard decision?

It wasn’t an easy decision to become citizens by any stretch of the imagination, or one taken at all lightly. I’ll always be as English as tea and toast, but the toast is slathered with Vegemite goodness. It’s not all been plain sailing, and there have been times of struggle – especially when we had just arrived and had nothing but a suitcase, a head full of dreams. And when the kids came along the pressure of growing with them – learning to be parents, in a new country with just a handful of friends to help, was immense. We were blessed with visits from my mother-in-law, who fed, cleaned and looked after us, with selfless passion, a smile, and a welcome meal. But despite our struggles the Aussie spirit was there from the start. We may not have been born here, but we were, still are, and always will be – battlers.  Australia and her people have shown their commitment to us. She’s provided for me, for my family, and given us endless opportunities.