My Wyndham: Werribee resident Andrew ‘Strahanie’ Strahan was awarded a life membership to the Little River Cricket Club in 2017, and this season the club has named its junior development program the ‘Strahan Squad’ in his honour. Mr Strahan has also coached at the club, where he has scored 3090 runs and 422 wickets. He has also played for the Werribee Cricket Club, plus played and coached at the Werribee Centrals Cricket Club and Darley Cricket Club.

Tell me a bit about your involvement with the Little River Cricket Club.

I’ve played 161 games at the Little River Cricket Club and I also played at the Werribee Cricket Club, where I was a premiership player. I’ve been [at] Werribee Centrals, my last club before here was in Darley – where I also coached – and I also played in the Ballarat League, and did a handful of games with Werribee in the ones. I have won a couple of Geelong bowling averages.

When did you first start playing cricket?

I was a late starter, I started when I was about 10 or 12 years old.

Do you remember why you took up the sport?

Just back in those days, everyone played football and cricket.

It sounds like you’re pretty dedicated to cricket.

I’ve had two heart attacks, a stroke and I have a titanium hip, and kept playing. I’m worried my body is slowly letting me down, but I’ll keep going.

Have you played any memorable matches?

There were a couple after I had my stent put in, I reached 100 games. After my hip operation I probably shouldn’t have played as soon as I did – my doctor told me to have two weeks off – but I did play, and I got six fours and 75 not out.