Lifelong Wyndham resident Page Hill has a historic connection with the area – her great-great-grandfather Henry Hopper was one pf Werribee’s original councillors.


Tell us about yourself and how long you’ve lived in Wyndham.


I was born in Werribee in 1980, at the old hospital on Synnot Street. And I’ve lived in Werribee for most of my life. My family has lived in Werribee for over nine decades. I am married to my husband, Brendan … we’ve been married for seven years and have a beautiful daughter, Annabelle, who is just about to turn three.


What has changed in the area since you were a child?


A lot has changed. I often say to my mum, if Nana and Pop were here now, they wouldn’t recognise Werribee.

Our community has definitely grown, too. So much has changed and evolved over 37 years. But one thing that won’t change is all the fond memories I have with my family, past and present.


What do you like most about living in Wyndham?


My favourite thing about living in Wyndham is the community aspect. There are loads of excellent community activities and events that are great for everyone. I have always enjoyed being part of these events – whether it be participating in Weerama, as I did when I was a child, or now getting involved in my local fun runs with my running buddies.


Do you have a favourite park or open space?


I love the tracks by the Werribee River. It’s a very relaxing, picturesque surrounding. I meet with my running club ladies on a Saturday morning and we run the track.

What about a favourite place to grab a


The South Corner – delicious coffee and a great spot to catch up on goss with your friends and family.


And a favourite place to shop in Wyndham?


I think the new Pacific Werribee is awesome, but I am a lover of a good op shop.

I love the thought of owning something that has been pre-loved and has its own story and character.


Is there anything you would change about Wyndham?

I would love to see a farmers/craft market, maybe at Wyndham Harbour once a month. We have great local produce and we could incorporate homemade goodies and crafts. I’d love that and I know a lot of people that would, too. It would also be a great way to meet new locals and really utilise the harbour’s gorgeous surrounds.