Where do you live?


I’ve lived in Wyndham Vale all my life.


And how long have you worked at Notorious Espresso?


For about a year. I used to be a customer. I’d come in every day for coffee, after finishing at my other job. At the time, there was no job going here, I just squeezed myself into the team!


What do you enjoy about working at Notorious Espresso?


The customers are good, the environment here is the best work environment I’ve ever been in. With the staff, there’s no hierarchy, we all work together and we’re all friends inside and outside of work. I work here full-time, from 8am to 4pm. They’re the best hours to work.


How did you become a barista?


I sort-of just fell into it. I like working with people, and I was working in the city, for a caterer. One day they needed someone to fill in to make coffees and I said that I would do it. I’m totally self-taught, from watching videos on YouTube. I never studied coffee-making at school. I have no certificates in the subject. But funnily enough, my little brother has, he did a barista course at school.


What is your favourite drink at Notorious Expresso?


The long blacks, from single origins on rotation from Veneziano. I also love the smashed avos here.


What changes have you seen occur in Wyndham Vale since you were a child?


It used to be empty, just paddocks everywhere. I lived across from Manor Lakes, when it didn’t even exist, and Wyndham Green was just getting started. There are just people everywhere now, it’s so busy.


What would you change about the area, if you could alter one thing?


Traffic is horrible. I catch public transport to work, and even I can see it’s ridiculous. There is one road in and one road out of Wyndham, which is ridiculous.