MY WYNDHAM: Holly Brunnbauer and Marie Cunico, from Hoppers Crossing and Truganina, have created facing motherhood – sassy self-care goodies for Mamas. They chat with Alesha Capone.

What do you like most about Wyndham?

Ms Cunico: I love that there are so many playgrounds and cafes for families to enjoy. Our three favourite places would have to be Werribee Zoo, Little Growling Cafe and Mezzanine Cafe, not just because the kids are entertained, but because coffee is at hand.

You became friends through Instagram, can you tell me how that happened?

Ms Brunnbauer: We both run our own separate businesses and happened to cross paths on Instagram. One day I jumped on my Insta stories and asked if any local mamas would like to join me on weekly Werribee Zoo outings. Marie rocked up and we had an instant connection. We discovered that we lived close to one another, our kids were the same age and we shared a love for drinking mochas – lots of them. From that point on, we met up at the zoo weekly and chatted all things motherhood – like how many ‘zzzs’ we were getting – or rather, not getting – as second time mums.

How long after this did the idea for your business come about?

Ms Brunnbauer: About four months after our first zoo meet-up, the idea of creating skincare specifically for tired and sore mums, popped into my head. Marie is an established expert in all things beauty and skincare. She’s worked in the industry for years refining her skills as a skincare formulator. I DM’d Marie about the idea and she was immediately excited about partnering on this.

What have you enjoyed about developing the facing motherhood range?

Ms Cunico: I love the science side. Getting my geek on when it comes to researching which ingredients will help skin concerns that mums are faced with. The best part is the glowing reviews we’re receiving from mums about the quality of the products. We’re proud to say that our skincare is made in Melbourne. In fact, right here in the west.

Ms Brunnbauer: Skincare formulation is Marie’s genius zone, whereas creative content is mine. From the get-go we decided that our brand would be playful and sassy. We’re tired of seeing mums put into the “boring box”. The names of our goodies, e.g. Boom MOCHA laka & ESPRESS yo self, reflect our fun spin on the core product ingredient, e.g. coffee. The best part is being able to help mums view skincare as an important part of their self-care.

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