What’s your connection to Wyndham?


My office and place of home are located in Wyndham. We feel connected to Wyndham because of its kind and warm community. Most of our clients are located in Wyndham. My children attend school in Wyndham.


How long have you lived/worked in the area?


I have lived in the Wyndham area for three years and our charity is located in Wyndham.


Tell us about what the Comfort Care Foundation is all about and how you became involved.


Comfort Care Foundation is a charity that got registered three years ago. However, my vision started in 2010. It was my passion as I have always wanted to help the less fortunate and disadvantaged men, women and children.

I first started in Tanzania where I am in the process of building a school and providing free education to the youth and building capacity for the women to provide support for their own families.

Here in Wyndham, we are hoping to open a transitional homeless home where people can come stay and feel safe and supported.

We currently have children excursions and mothers’ support groups, counselling for domestic violence victims and drug and alcohol rehabilitation support groups.

What is your role in the charity?


I am the founder/director.


What are some of the things you love most in your line of work?


Helping people, making a difference to someone’s life and providing a sense of belonging to everyone.


What’s something people don’t know about you?


I am caring for foster kids. I am one of 12 [siblings] – most of them in Tanzania.


What do you love about Wyndham?



I love the vibrant community, the kind people.


What would you like to see improved?


I would love to improve people’s lives by providing shelter, safe environment, a place of comfort, food, clothes, motivation, encouragement to participate in social and economic activities. I would like to see young people find a place of refuge and discover their purpose in life. I would also love to see more homeless off the streets and into warm beds. My favourite quote: “I may not be able to fix the world, but if I can make one little change, that would make a world of difference”.