What’s your connection to Wyndham?


My husband and family and I have lived here for a bit over 21 years. It’s the longest that I have lived in any one place. It’s really home now.


How long have you been teaching at Heathdale Christian College?


I started 21 years ago, but I did have a break in the middle when I was at home with my children. I recently taught in primary school and then, after having children, returned to the other end of the school to teach VCE students. I’ve taught across various parts of the school.


Congratulations on being appointed as principal of secondary at Heathdale Christian College. How do you feel?


I’m very pleased. I’m currently the acting head of middle school. Our school is restructuring from a Junior/Middle/Senior school structure to a primary and secondary school model. It will be a new role for me.


What do you love about Wyndham?


I really like being in Wyndham because of its diversity and I feel like the way its growing …it’s a vision of what Melbourne and Australia will continue to be like. The potential is massive within our community because of the number of young people that we have. That’s why I love living in this area.


What are some of the things you love most in your line of work?


I love helping families and young people to develop to their full potential. The joy of being a principal is that you just never know what’s going to come through the door every day. Children are unpredictable … especially in adolescents with all sorts of things going on. I enjoy supporting families and students through those adolescent years and then seeing them at the end as young adults ready to take on the world.


What other hats do you wear in the community?


I don’t wear as many as I used to. I struggle to do other things outside of being at school but I am involved in the Wyndham Presbyterian Church.


What is your priority in this new role?



To see young people flourish within my school and within Wyndham in general. To maximise their opportunities in life.