Leading Senior Constable Jo Mutsaerts works with Melton Police, who are holding a recruitment information session next week. She spoke to Ewen McRae

What is your connection to the Melton area?


For the past 12 months I have been stationed at the Melton Police station; however, I have worked in the western suburbs area for a large portion of my career. Prior to policing I have many generations of family ties to the farming areas of Melton and Rockbank.


What do you like about the area?


I love the diversity of the area, a mix of multiple generational farming areas right through to the brand new estates and suburbs under construction bringing new families to the area.


What do you think would make the area better?


I think the continued development of our infrastructure to assist young people and families to travel to and from Melton with ease and to access sporting and job opportunities locally.


How long have you been at the Melton Police station?


About 12 months this time around but many years previously. I never drifted too far away. I also spent about eight years at the Caroline Springs Police station.


What is it like working within the Melton community? What does an average day encompass?


Working in Melton is both rewarding and challenging on a daily basis and no two days will ever look the same. I have the privilege of having a community engagement role which enables me to work with our diverse community across many projects, assist victims of crime and youth at-risk of falling into the criminal justice system.


As Melton is a diverse community, how important is a diverse workforce to what Victoria Police do?


I believe it is so important for Victoria Police to reflect the community we serve. For Melton our cultural diversity is rapidly growing and it would be fantastic for our local police to continue to reflect this.

It helps develop and grow understanding amongst us all which makes for a stronger, resilient community.

What motivated you to join Victoria Police?


Initially I had friends that were members and their job sounded so much more exciting than mine. Once I joined I found that same excitement but also a whole new life of friendships, rewarding opportunities and challenges.


What is the most rewarding part of the job?


Being able to assist a person who for whatever reason has found themselves in a position of need. Whether they have found themselves a victim of crime, have made a poor decision, in a personal crisis or simply just don’t know where to turn. To be able to provide support to these people is very rewarding.


How about the most challenging?  


Most days we will face a challenge to some degree but I think as a mum and a policewoman any job that sees children injured or hurt pulls on your ability to be resilient and strong.




Victoria Police is currently in the midst of its largest recruitment campaign ever, recruiting more than 3000 new Police officers and additional PSOs and PCOs by 2021. A recruitment information session will be held on Wednesday, August 28, at Catholic Regional College Melton, from 6-8pm. Registration is essential. Register online at www.eventbrite.com.au/e/police-information-session-melton-tickets-66640957899