Collette Glare is the secretary of the Melton South Community House. She spoke with Ewen McRae.

What is your connection to Melton?


I have lived in Melton my entire life.


What do you like best about the area?


I like the open spaces. It still has a small-town feel, in a lot of respects, but the services offered are good. Melton is also convenient now to Melbourne, not like when I was growing up here. I also have really great friends, which is important.


What could make the area better?


I like the area as it is, but a new hospital is really needed the most. It will become a major issue, I believe, as the town’s growth continues. I know many people would also like an electrified train service.


Where is your favourite place to go for a feed in the area?


I like to go to Schnitz and, when I feel like Asian, Red Lantern to eat. I also go to Mrs Fields for a quick lunch, I have a toastie.


Can you tell me about your work at the Melton South Community House? How did you become involved?


I had done many courses over the years. My mum is on the committee of management and a position became available. So I took up the nomination and was elected. I had done volunteer work for them previously. After a couple of years I was elected to the secretary position, which I enjoy immensely.

What sort of activities does the house offer the Melton community? Do you have a favourite?


The Melton South Community Centre is a not for profit centre that offers a wide range of classes and services. There are accredited and non accredited courses, support groups, knitting group, community-based help services such as the food bank. People can book into courses for first aid, computers, bookkeeping, yoga, tarot, cooking, floristry, jewellery making and much more. Course pamphlets are delivered around Melton before the start of each term. Alternatively, check out the website or contact the centre directly.

I personally love the tarot, reading angel cards and yoga courses. I have attended them for a long time. There has been a great range of mind, body, soul workshops. I love the tutors so I keep coming back.


What has been some of the highlights from your time at the centre?


There have been a lot of highlights over the years. Apart from being the secretary, I went to a jewellery making class, years ago, which led me into teaching beading for a long time. I did a Connecting with Angels course and it changed the total direction of my life. I now have my own spiritual business called The Spiral Path.


What would people be surprised to know about you?


I think people would be surprised that I love to give back to the community through my work at the centre. I’m proof that doing one course can unexpectedly change everything.