Eynesbury Photography Club’s Jason Ryan speaks to Esther Lauaki about life behind the lens.


What’s your connection to Melton and Moorabool?

I moved to Eynesbury five years ago. I am, unfortunately, unable to now work after injuring myself seriously at work in 1999.

I have instead put all my energy into the community.

I’m a member of the Eynesbury owners corporation committee, member of Panthers Basketball Club committee (holding title of boys’ junior teams co-ordinator) and member of the Bacchus Marsh Basketball Association committee.

I’m also an active member of the Eynesbury Bird Enthusiasts Group, founder of the Eynesbury Astronomy Club, as well as other working groups and clubs within Eynesbury.

How long has the photography club been based at Eynesbury?

It started two years ago as the Eynesbury Photography Enthusiasts Club. Since then, it has grown to be the most active group in Eynesbury.

Why did you start the club?

Lachlan Hudson initially started the group itself, on social media.

I was at home one day after being out with friends on a photo shoot, when I realised that I would like to share what I had mostly self-taught, while also learning what others might know and have to share.

I posted on the Eynesbury community page that I was playing with my camera, and would anybody like to catch up and compare some tips and tricks and share our work. Less than an hour later there were about 50-plus responses. It has now grown to more than 100 members.

That was the start of a collaboration between myself and Lachlan.

Can you tell me a bit about your photography background?

I studied photography back in early high school, black-and-white in an old dark room. After many years of work, I decided I needed a hobby, and slowly got back into photography.

What’s your favourite thing about photography?

Catching a moment in time that will always be there for people to see.

What do you love most about Melton?

The feel of community. The vast and various areas for photography.

Where do you think are the most beautiful places to take photos in Melton?

I’m biased … Eynesbury. The forest, gorge, grasslands and homestead provide a vast variety of subjects. Flora, fauna and the landscape.