What’s your connection to Brimbank?


I grew up in St Albans and then moved to Keilor Downs and that’s where my family home is. I currently live in Taylors Hill which is where I built a home, so I’ve spent my entire life living in Brimbank.


What do you like best about the area?


My family and friends have kept me out here. Having everyone so close is fantastic. I also really love the environment out here. I’ve loved watching it grow over the years with all these new suburbs and houses coming up. It’s been great to watch the area transform.


What could be done to improve the area?


I think we could have more security, maybe some extra police. The crime rate out here is quite high.


Tell us about your singing.


I started off when I was eight years old. I sing and take lessons to this day. From a small age it’s been a massive goal of mine to get to a level where I can be writing and recording. I’ve currently recorded three songs and I’ve even filmed a film clip for one.


How’s your music been received?


I’ve had great feedback. There’s a lot of Maltese still living in Brimbank and it’s been a goal
of mine to really connect with them. I eventually want to appeal to an English market as well, but because there’s such a big Maltese community here, I really want to connect with my heritage.


Are you looking towards an international market too?


Instagram and Facebook have been a big hit for me. Because they’re world wide I’ve developed connections with Maltese people overseas, a radio station over there and I’ve even met a few producers through it. It’s been a great way to connect with people and my dream is to get one of my songs played on the radio overseas.


Where can people check out your music?

The best place for updates and my latest stuff is my Facebook page: www.facebook.com/zgh1ramusicpage