What’s your connection to Brimbank.

I grew up in the western suburbs. I’ve lived here my whole life. I’m originally from Melton, so after completing university, I knew I wanted to continue working in the area I grew up in.


What’s kept you around?

I love the area. All the kids at the school here are really good, it’s close to home and there’s everything we need out here. Speaking about Cairnlea specifically, I really like the multiculturalism. It’s a really friendly place to work.


Is there anything you think could be done better?

Not really. It’s such a unique, great place. Everything seems to be going along really well.


Tell us about your role at the school.

I’m currently a grade 6 teacher. I’ve been here about 10 years. I’m just a general classroom teacher, but we also help out with things around the school. We’ve got a big focus on writing, literacy and things like that … we’re really big on school and community engagement.


How’s the school changed in your time here?

We used to be a smaller school over in Deer Park. We had about 150 kids and now here in Cairnlea we have about 850 … with all the new development, I think we’ll be growing for a while.


What’s been the highlight?

Every year is different. You never know what you’re in for. But they’ve all been really great. Each year has brought its own rewards.