What’s your connection to Brimbank?

I’ve grown up in the area. I went to the local primary school in Deer Park and I started Little Athletics out here when I was nine years old.


What do you like best about it?

I suppose the community. You get to know everyone in the area, and while I don’t still do Little Athletics out here, I still see people I met there out at the shops and things like that, which is nice.


What could be done better?

There’s always things that can be done better, but from my perspective, my community was great. Everyone helped each other out.


Tell me about your time at Little Athletics.

I started when I was nine. I liked racing my sister, so I went down to try it out.


And now you’re a champion heptathlete?

Yeah I recently competed in the Oceania championships in Townsville. I competed in two events – the heptathlon and the high jump. I ended up winning the heptathlon and came second in high jump.


But it wasn’t all smooth sailing?

No, the high jump is my strongest event in the heptathlon and it went poorly for me. It was a bit of a blow, but I was able to mentally recover and make up the points. At the time I was quite upset, but I took my breath and came back strongly.


What’s next?

I’m building into the new season. It’s my pre-season at the moment so I’m doing a heap of strength training,