What’s your connection to Brimbank?

I’m relatively new to the area. I’m the co-owner of Lumbar and Co Coffee, which has been based at Brimbank Park since Christmas last year.


What do you like best about the area?

I love the customers. They all help me. They bring their cups back, have a chat, it’s just a beautiful place. My last shop was in Fitzroy Street and this is just a different vibe. Everyone at the park is relaxed. I just love it. And having a shopfront in the middle of a park is the best.


What could be done better?

The average person doesn’t know this park is here. You can’t really see in from the outside and I’d love to see it utilised a little more.


You’re certainly utilising the space, tell us about the business.

We’ve had a few minor issues, but now we seem to be up and going. We’ve got our liquor licence, live music playing every second Sunday and we’re almost done with renovation to the dining area.


And what will the place look like when the renovations are done?

It’ll be a 350 seater cafe. A very relaxed, reasonably-priced place. You can come down, have a beer, a bowl of hot olives all for about $20. It’ll be a great Sunday afternoon. We’ll have live music out the back and you’ll be able to watch the kids play in the park.


So a real community vibe?

That’s the idea. We want this to be a place for Brimbank’s people. At the moment there’s really only pokies places and shopping malls. We’re offering a place with no gambling, no crowds, a place to escape and enjoy the outdoors.


And are there special plans for summer?

Ultimately we want to do farmer’s markets, moonlight cinemas and things like that. In November we have a barbecue and blues festival with a strongman competition.