Alexandra Harrison is ready to show off new dance moves largely inspired by motherhood.

The Goldie resident will perform in the Dance Massive festival in Melbourne from March 13.

The festival work,

The Difficult Comedown, reflects the experience of motherhood and resilience of women as interpreted by Harrison and fellow performer Paea Leach.

“My colleague and I both have worked for 20 years in performance and dance in Australia and around the world,” Harrison said.

“Over the past five years, we’ve both had children and I think there’s something in the work that reflects the work of motherhood.

“I insisted when my son was born that everything was my practice – walking on the streets, playing in the playground, that was all my artistic practice.

“We see what this movement provides, what happens to my breath, arms, where does my head go now, and we find all kinds of surprising series unfolding of strange events.”

The Difficult Comedown will be at the Arts House, North Melbourne, from March 13-16.