The Australian-Bosnian Islamic Centre in Deer Park will open its doors this weekend, with the broader community invited to visit and learn.

As part of Victorian Mosque Open Day on March 17, the Mosque will be open from 10am to 4pm for locals to explore, take part in activities and speak to the imam and other mosque members.

Imam Muhamed Didic said the event was for anyone curious about the Muslim faith.

“This event is most important to us,” Imam Didic said. “We want to show our neighbours and wider society our religious traditions and culture, because it is important that we can present our values through the mosque.

“Unfortunately, many people see Islam through their own prisms, but my suggestion is for anyone with any questions to come and have a talk to me on the day … that is the best source of information about Islam.”

The Deer Park mosque is one of just two for the Bosnian community in Melbourne, and the day will also feature displays of culture and food, as well as information packs available.

“We want to share our culture and religious values with other people, because every people bring the message of peace and tolerance that we speak of in Islam,” he said. “We are Australians like everybody else – we love our culture and we want to share that with the community.”

The mosque is at 285 Station Road, Deer Park.