More people who witnessed a mysterious, UFO-like object above Hoppers Crossing – and further afield – have come forward.

On Friday,  Star Weekly reported that a Hoppers Crossing resident has captured images of a triangular-shaped object as it hovered above her backyard on Wednesday night.

Liala, who lives in Breton Drive, said she first saw the flying craft around 6.30 to 7pm.

“I went out the back and it was right above my house, I said to myself, ‘That doesn’t look normal,” Liala said.

Liala said the flying object had three bright lights, and looked nothing like an aeroplane or helicopter.

“If I moved right, it went right. If I moved left, it went left,” she said.

“So I just stood there and looked at it.”

Liala said she that the airborne vessel hovered over her property for about 40 seconds, and she used her mobile phone to snap some images of it during this time.

After Star Weekly published the article, and put out a call for anyone else who had seen the mystery aircraft to come forward, Brandon contacted the newspaper.

He said that he saw a similar flying object, but with only one red light, above Morris Road.

“Traffic on Morris Rd was slowed down as everyone was watching this red object fly towards Truganina,” he said.

“(It) would be good to find out what exactly it is.”

Another local, Des, said he went out for a walk in Werribee, around 7am last Tuesday, when he also a triangular-shaped object with three lights in the sky.

“It was really, really bright – it wasn’t something I’ve ever seen before,” he said.

“It vanished, it was only there for a quick few seconds.”

Des said he believed the object was not a plane, helicopter or drone.

Star Weekly also heard from people as far away as Melbourne’s southeast suburbs, who also spotted an odd “triangle craft” in the sky above their suburbs last week.