What is your connection to Melton/Moorabool?


I have a long association with the area and descend from a long line of brick makers and farmers. My great-great-grandfather William Thomas Wittick was a brick maker who moved here in the 1880s from Richmond and discovered the firebrick clay on Bald Hill. Over the years there was a succession of managers with the surname Wittick at the Darley Fire Brick Company. Recently I also discovered that descendants from my father’s side of the family managed a cheese factory in Bacchus Marsh as well. So between bricks and cheese I have it covered. I have a great number of family and friends in Melton/Moorabool shires.


How long have you lived in the area?


I have been visiting the area since I was born, but only settled here mid-2014. I bought a house in Bacchus Marsh.


What are you passionate about?


I have many passions and the following stand out – my fondness for performance, theatre and films, history and travel. Now I’m not working full-time I have been extremely fortunate to pursue all of my interests. I’m also passionate in using the skills I have acquired over my life in contributing back into the community.


You are the president of the Moonlite Community Theatre Group, how did you become involved?


When I first came to the area I was surprised by the lack of any community performing arts group. I have lived in many places across the state and most of them always had both community theatre for plays and musicals. It came as a bit of a shock – so something needed to be done.


Do you wear any other hats in the community?


In the short period of time that I have been in Melton/Moorabool I have been so fortunate in being able to pursue another of my passions. I currently hold the position of president of the Bacchus Marsh and District Historical Society, another important hat I am extremely proud to wear. It’s a great society and it has a strong experienced membership that works extremely hard in preserving valuable history for the community. Melton/Moorabool has a long proud history. At present we have several major projects, these range from producing a book on the community’s response to WWI through to organising a 50th year celebration for the society. We are also working on a project that will upgrade our computer systems to help us in registering/cataloguing items and improve access to our important archive of documents and information on artefacts.


What would people be surprised to know about you?

When I was young, at the beach one summer I was jabbed by the barb of a stingray. I recall it vividly, my foot swelled up like a football and I couldn’t walk on it all summer. I’m sure there are not many people who can claim that. I also partake in some professional film and television acting from time to time

What is the best thing about living in Melton/Moorabool?


One word – lifestyle. We have the benefits of country living with city trappings. I’m a boy from the country and I love the quick access to both the country and the beaches we have living in Melton/Moorabool, but we are also close to the city and the airport if we need to escape. It’s an ideal location really.

If you could change anything about the area, what would it be?


The communities are growing so quickly and becoming more diverse and changing. I believe this is for the better as long as we can keep pace with the infrastructure. Apart from more support for all the arts, it would be great to have a dedicated community performance space for Melton/Moorabool.