Melton has a mystical My Kitchen Rules connection.

Professional psychic Anne Lamont joins the cast of MKR, the competitive television cooking show now in its 10th season, with her childhood mate Jennifer Tomkinson.

The duo will compete in the second round of ‘instant restaurants’, a series of pop-up soirees hosted at the contestants’ houses, starting February 12.

Ms Lamont said food holds a special place in their hearts.

“Food means everything to us,” she said.

“We’ve done lots of cooking together.

“The story behind how I started cooking will be revealed on the show.”

She said that the aim was to cook with “passion and love”.

Ms Lamont said she hopes to win over the judges, Pete Evans and Manu Feildel, with a ratatouille omelette while Ms Tomkinson fires up the crowds with a spiced roasted cauliflower.

Ms Tomkinson said the pair are always getting into “crazy, crazy things”.

“We met 38 years ago when my family moved next door to Anne’s,” she said. “We hit it off straight away.

“Other teams are going to think we’re just blonde, bimbo bogans but we’ll show them.

“We’ve never grown up and we’re never going to grow up,” Ms Tomkinson said.

“I’m always planning the next thing and Anne’s very visual and spontaneous. But I know that with Anne in my corner we can achieve anything together.”

The team’s dream is to own a country pub “pulling beers and serving home-cooked meals” she said.