Kerrie-Anne Cali describes the birth of her son Josh as one of the most terrifying times of her life.

Josh, who is now eight, was born in 2009 at just 30 weeks gestation.

Early ultrasounds alerted Kerrie-Anne to the fact that Josh was on the small side.

But she was shocked when at 26 weeks, doctors told her that he would require closer monitoring.

Mrs Cali was then admitted to hospital, where she was told Josh had stopped growing and would need to be delivered early.

“It was a pretty scary time for my husband and I, being our first child,” she said.

“My husband says the conversations with the doctors were the most terrifying conversations he has ever had. We were given all the worst-case scenarios.”

Josh weighed less than one kilogram when he was born and required a 10-week stay in Mercy Hospital for Women. During that time, Mrs Cali relied on the nurses for support.

“It was a difficult time. I just sat there and pumped milk. It was the only thing I could do for my son,” she said.

“The nurses were a rock.”

In a bid to help other parents with premature babies, Mrs Cali and Josh will take part in the Life’s Little Treasures Foundation’s Walk for Prems on Sunday, October 29.

The walk raises money and awareness for the foundation, which provides support for parents of premature babies.

They will be joined by three of Josh’s best friends and their mums.