A group of Mernda residents are making the most out of their retirement after forming a baby boomer bikers group.

The Mernda Retirement Village residents started the group after moving into the village about two years ago.

The five members – Wayne and Raelene Harbour, Marie and Peter Murray, and Don Miller – go on regular rides around Victoria in search of great breakfasts and lunches.

The Harbours and the Murrays ride Harley Davidson-style motorbikes, while Mr Miller has upgraded to a three-wheeler so he can continue to ride as he gets older.

Mrs Harbour said all of the members had been riding for a long time, with some of the men first getting on a bike 20 years ago.

“I love the freedom … it is different to being in a car. You have beautiful smells out on the road, such as the trees. It’s just a beautiful ride,” she said. Mrs Harbour said the group hoped to keep riding as long as possible.

“As long as you have got good health and can kick your leg over the bike, you just keep riding. The road will often have potholes but we just ride around them,” she said.