Mernda’s Alyssa Malins is just like any other two-year-old. But at only a few month old, Alyssa had life-saving open heart surgery at the Royal Children’s Hospital to close holes in her heart.

Mum Kim said doctors discovered Alyssa had a heart murmur at her six-week check-up and immediately referred her to the Royal Children’s Hospital.

Alyssa had an echocardiogram, which  led doctors to discover she had two holes  in her heart.

Doctors ruled the holes were too  big to close over on their own, and they recommended Alyssa have open heart surgery.

Ms Malins said hearing that her four-month-old needed open heart surgery was a shock, but credits the doctors and nurses at the Royal Children’s Hospital with helping her come to terms with the news.

“It wasn’t the best feeling in the world that your little girl needs open heart surgery, but the doctors and nurses were comforting and reassuring,” she said.

“If it wasn’t for the Royal Children’s Hospital, we wouldn’t have a happy and healthy little girl.”


Alyssa with her parents Luke and Kim. (Marco De Luca)

Ms Malins said these days Alyssa was a typical toddler, attending childcare four days a week and loving life.

The family urged others to show their support for the hospital during this year’s Good Friday Appeal on April 19.

“I always say we are very lucky to have such a hospital. It would be great if people could support it any way they can,” she said.

To donate to the appeal, visit: