Three breast cancer survivors who would like to receive medical tattooing are being sought by a Newport woman requiring volunteers.

Rita Vinci, who lost a cousin to the disease, was spurred to change careers to help others by training to become an areola paramedic.

“I’ve been looking at it for three years,” she said.

“I know a lot of people that have had breast cancer so I wanted to do something more positive.

“I have an auntie that’s got breast cancer and her sister died of cancer at the age of 42.”

Instead of using tissue to rebuild a nipple after breast reconstruction surgery, some survivors choose to have a 3D tattoo to create a hyperrealistic areola.

“It looks real and it makes the person feel complete,” Ms Vinci said.

“You know, yourself – you look at your breast, imagine having no nipples there.

“With nipple tattooing, it won’t get rid of the scar … but it will blend it in more.

“It’s helping people, and I won’t be charging $1000 because I just think it’s a ‘rich people’s disease’ because not everyone can afford it.”

Ms Vinci, who is a committee member of the annual Walk a Mile in my Shoes fund-raising walk for mental health in Williamstown, is required to perform the tattoo procedure to complete her training.

The tattooing will be carried out under expert supervision at a Melbourne clinic on February 27 and 28.

For more information, call Rita Vinci on 0411 178 129.