Whittlesea council needs to act urgently to improve the condition and safety of Masons Road in Mernda, residents say.

People living in and around Masons Road say the unsealed section of the road is becoming increasingly dangerous and is causing damage to their vehicles.

The residents have approached the council about improving the road, but fear their concerns have fallen on deaf ears.

Wilkes Court resident John Dagher said Masons Road had become particularly bad in recent months, with more motorists using the road to bypass roadworks on surrounding roads.

He said the last time the council graded the road, it began breaking up after one week. There are four weeks between gradings.

Mr Dagher said the poor condition of the road was damaging cars, with both his work trailer and his wife’s car requiring repairs in the past couple of months.

“Since Christmas, I have had to change the radiator and the air-conditioning compressor in the car, and the suspension and tyres on the trailer. It is just ridiculous,” he said.

“The corrugation is so bad, the car skips to the side when you turn. I don’t feel safe letting my wife drive on the road with my two kids in the car. Something drastically needs to change.”

Masons Road resident Tina Marshall said driving on the road was stressful, with some motorists driving too fast for the conditions.

She fears it won’t be long until there is another serious accident on the road. A man died in August after crashing his van into a tree on Masons Road.

Whittlesea council did not respond.