Bacchus Marsh could soon be at the forefront of a growing technology trend, following the opening of a new high-tech facility last week.
Technology company Calix Limited opened their new $2.7 million BATMn reactor last week, which will work to research and create advanced battery materials for new technology’s, such as electric cars.
The reactor was partly funded by the Australian government, and will work in partnership with similar facilities around Australia and the world to develop more efficient battery materials.
Calix chief executive Phil Hodgson said it was an exciting time to be involved in the technology field.
“The rapid growth in electric vehicles and renewable energy is creating a global need for more efficient, cheaper, higher-capacity and more sustainable energy storage options,”Mr Hodgson said.
“While a large part of this growth has been enabled through the performance of lithium-ion batteries, the issues around the cost, capacity, safety and sustainability of current lithium-ion batteries will increasingly limit this growth.
“There is a need for advanced materials for lithium-ion batteries that deliver superior performance and safety at lower cost while at the same time reducing environmental impact.
“With BATMn, and our expanded network of research institutes and major industrial players, this exactly what Calix is trying to achieve.”
The facility will also be tapping local talent, hosting two PhD students and a post-doctorate researcher with more to follow through Calix’s involvement in an Australian Research Council funded training centre based out of Deakin University.
“BATMn is a cutting-edge, industry-led centre that positions these students at the forefront of technology,” Mr Hodgson said.
“We believe that they will gain valuable industry experience, while at the same time contributing to solving the global challenge of sustainable battery options for the future.”