The roll-out of future public art projects across Maribyrnong will be guided by a new council strategy.

The Public Art Strategy 2019-2029 will be used to determine the process for commissioning public art over the next decade.

A council report in support of the strategy stated that public art is an important and necessary ingredient in the life of a modern city, with the power to provoke, inspire and transform a city.

“It plays a strong role in shaping place, enhancing the environment, promoting connect to place, increasing perceptions of safety and supporting the reputation of a town or city,” it stated.

“It is important to ensure public art in Maribyrnong is as inclusive and accessible as possible, and that the right resources and partnerships are in place to support artists and creative people to foster public art practice and the public art sector.”

Maribyrnong has a collection of about 40 permanent public artworks dating from the late 1990s to the present, with an estimated value of more than $3 million.

The strategy for new public art was formed in consultation with industry peak bodies, community organisations and traders associations, along with arts organisations based in Maribyrnong.

The cost of implementing the strategy will be assessed during each year’s annual budget.