A Brimbank resident and business have teamed up to donate and deliver free hot meals to the homeless and hungry in the municipality.

The Feeding The West initiative is the brainchild of Ardeer resident Christian Martinu and the owners of Sunshine’s The Rollin Dough, Bill Kolevski and Serey Nop.

Mr Martinu, a long-time customer of The Rollin Dough, said a shared interest in supporting the Brimbank community gave rise to the idea.

“We hope to start donating 40 pizzas every month – starting in the next few weeks – to a local charity for distribution to the homeless, and families who cannot afford a hot meal,” Mr Martinu said.

Mr Kolevski said his own personal trials and triumphs were his inspiration.

“We see people, so many people, who need help in our community,” Mr Kolevski said. “We grew up with absolutely nothing, and now after years of hard work we have something and we have a chance to give back.

“The community has supported us; it’s now time to support someone else.”

Mr Nop’s motivation to give back mirrors that of his business partner’s.

“I want our children to see the act of giving to those less fortunate than us,” Mr Nop said. “My parents were refugees who fled
from war-torn Cambodia. My wife was a refugee, and I was born in a refugee camp
in Thailand. As a father with a young daughter, I want her to see me as a positive role model.”

Mr Martinu said although the campaign was in its infancy, Feeding The West aimed to provide a connection between businesses and charities.

“We hope more local businesses will follow our lead and show their support.”