Werribee’s Andrew Elsbury needs a team who will click over their love for tiny colourful bricks.

Planning has begun for a Wyndham Lego Expo to unite enthusiasts from all over the west while raising money for Werribee Mercy Hospital’s new paediatric ward.

Mr Elsbury said he was organising the event “from the baseplate up” and needs volunteers to help him lock in a venue, decide on the contests and everything in between.

He’s been hooked on Lego since he was a child.

“My first Lego set was a police car and my affinity for the brick was born,” Mr Elsbury said.

“Today, as a dad, I build Lego with my daughters and enjoy seeing their creativity.”

He said the Wyndham Lego Expo would be a chance for people to share their love of the toy and raise funds for a good cause.

“The more money we raise means additional services and improved experiences for the children in our community,” Mr Elsbury said.

“I envisage a number of events to make up the expo including an engineering contest which I hope schools would want to participate.”

Register: bit.ly/2Vu9hBb