It has been seven years since Merrimu’s Kerrie Gebert started rescuing and re-homing dogs, and she’s still making a difference.

Ms Gebert is the founder of Puppy Tales Rescue & Rehoming, which works to find a new home for dogs across the state – to date she’s re-homed more than 2500 dogs.

“I used to be a vet nurse, and when I was doing that I noticed a lot of animals being put to sleep that didn’t need to,” Ms Gebert said.

“So I started offering owners a different outlet than euthanasia, and from there it just took off like wildfire. I thought I might re-home one dog at a time, but it very quickly became two then four, then a whole litter.

“We do deal with re-homing across the state, but there’s a lot of local people looking to adopt, which is fantastic. I think people are more educated now about where dogs come from, and especially with avoiding puppy farms.”

Ms Gebert will be at the Melbourne Dog Lovers Show from May 3, and said it was a good chance for anyone looking for a pet to come and hear about what they do and see if any of their rescue animals would make a good fit.

“It’s a great chance to get the word out about rescuing and re-homing and what we do, and we do take expressions of interest so we can find the best home for the dogs,” she said.

The Melbourne Dog Lovers Show will be at the Royal Exhibition Building from May 3 to 5.