A flood of complaints about Macedon Ranges council’s decision to allocate $15,000 to review a local law has followed the release of the council’s draft 2018-19 budget.

More than 25 of the 110 documents submitted to the council about its draft budget were objections to funds being used to review local law number 10, which bans using motorised recreational vehicles within 500 metres of a house.

A number of submissions stated the council should not allow the opportunity for the law to become any more lenient for the vehicles’ users, saying they already cause too much disruption to the community under the current law.

“Why ratepayers’ money would be wasted on a review that seeks to remove the protection of our amenity and right to peace and quiet is beyond us,” one resident stated.

The council was divided in its decision to allocate funds to review the law when it was discussed at its February and March meetings.

Councillor Roger Jukes led the push for the review, saying the decision to ban use of the vehicles within 500 metres of a house was not put to the community when the law was made in 2013.

While funding for the local law has been lambasted, the council’s decision to allocate funds to upgrade Kyneton’s tennis facilities and to demolish the old squash court in Woodend was well received.

Cobaw Community Health was among several submissions supporting the proposal to provide $180,000 to upgrade the courts and lighting at the Kyneton Tennis Club.

One submission highlighted the need for work at the club, stating their tennis team has had to use another venue for its home games for seasons because of the club’s lack of capacity.

Residents also thanked the council for allocating $100,000 to removing the “eyesore” that is the Woodend squash court building.

Written submissions on the council’s draft budget were able to be submitted from April 24 until May 22.

The council heard residents speak to their written submissions at a meeting on May 30.

A decision on the submissions is expected to be made at a meeting on June 13.