A woman who says she has never smoked has been fined $661 after being accused of throwing a cigarette butt out of her car window.

Liza, who asked for her surname to be withheld, received the fine from the Environment Protection Authority Victoria (EPA), after an unknown person reported that she threw a cigarette butt from her vehicle at Leakes Road, Truganina on September 19, just after 4.20pm.

Liza said she was on the road at this time, but she did not commit the offence.

“I have never smoked in my life so the person who reported this is mistaken,” she said.

Liza has filled in a statutory declaration, asking for the EPA to withdraw the fine.

She believes a woman driving in a car near her could possibly be the person who reported her to the EPA.

Liza said the woman developed “road rage” after she tried to “push in front” of Liza’s car in a slip lane, but failed.

“The reason I think she is the one who reported this was because I saw in my rear vision mirror that she took a photo of my car from behind with her phone,” Liza said.

She said she was “extremely perplexed” at the situation.

“I can’t comprehend how any person can dob in someone without a single shred of evidence,” she said.

“I think this is ridiculous that someone would have to prove their innocence, it’s outrageous that someone could dob anybody in like that and cause this unnecessary grief just to get back at me.”

The EPA’s director of regulatory programs, Rachel Gualano, said that before any infringement was issued, reports of litter being discarded from a car would be reviewed by EPA’s litter enforcement officers “to validate the information received”.

“The person reporting the litter is not required to provide photographic or video evidence but must declare the information is true and correct and be willing to give evidence in court,” Ms Gualano said.

“EPA informs them that intentionally or negligently providing false and misleading information is an offence.”