Newport is set to light up with The Outside Gallery exhibition launch of Traffic Light, comprising 11 huge permanently-installed light boxes that showcase photos by James Henry.

Henry’s contemporary images of the West Gate Bridge will be placed on the back of Vinnies and the Seagulls Nest Club, to be viewed from Paine Reserve.

“I’ve taken photos of the very recognisable entrances and exits and then I’ve used light from different captures of driving over the West Gate Bridge,” Henry said.

“I’ve just finished doing music for the play, The Bridge, so it was quite an experience …being able to hear some stories from people first-hand as to what their experience was with the [West Gate Bridge] collapse.

“When I took on the project, I was living in Footscray so the West Gate Bridge became part of my life and it’s nice to now be able to make an artistic contribution to its representation.”

Art & Industry festival director, Newport’s Donna Jackson said the gallery was developed after consultation with the local community as to how the reserve could be improved.

The gallery is curated by Bindi Cole Chocka, as part of her residency at the festival until June 2020.

Traffic Light will be launched with live music on Saturday, April 27 from 6-7pm.