Love letters with Sunshine at their heart will soon be penned and showcased.

Visual artist Ana Rita Pires is calling for community participation in her upcoming exhibition, From Sunshine With Love.

“We cover a wall in open envelopes and people from the public put stories inside them,” Pires said.

“The project is actually called

From X with Love and the name changes with each varying place it’s presented.

“This is actually the second time I’ve done this – the first was held in Footscray back in 2015.

“I live in Sunshine, so I wanted to come back and do this project in my own neighborhood, to connect with neighbours and the people I bump into on a daily basis.”

Pires will run workshops throughout November and December to help inspire participation.

“I’ll be running six workshops at the Sunshine Art Space, with the first to be held on Thursday, November 15 from 11am-1.30pm,” she said.

“They’re designed to promote creative development for the project and will include little prompts, like asking to describe Sunshine to someone who’s never been here before.

“But most of all it’s an open space where I can engage with community members – it’s talking to people who are willing to participate.

“It’s also just a lovely place where people can come and have a chat with each other and focus on handwriting in this text-driven world, a place to slow down a bit.”