A Yarraville woman says she is devastated after being hospitalised with a broken leg as a result of a dog attack.

Christina Hickie said she was with her kelpie-cross Elvis when two off-lead dogs approached them at the Warmies dog park in Newport on Friday, August 24.

Ms Hickie said one of the two dogs, who were with a male dog walker, then rushed at her.

“They were really menacing and aggressive and they were snapping and snarling at him [my dog],” she said. “My dog was absolutely cowering … it escalated really, really quickly.

“One of the dogs, in particular, was so menacing and aggressive – I was too scared to even approach.

“I called out to the guy who was walking the dogs. I yelled out, ‘Is that dog aggressive’, and he said, ‘Nah’.”

Ms Hickie said one of the dogs, which was medium-sized and had a distinctive brindle pattern, suddenly turned on her.

“The next thing I knew, the brindle dog that was really menacing just ran straight at me and basically charged me and took out my leg,” she said. “I was upended and I just landed on the ground and the impact broke my leg.

An X-ray of Christina Hickie’s injured leg. Image: Supplied

“I was rolling around on the ground and then I was in absolute fear of my life that the dog was going to maul me. I had my hands over my head trying to protect my head and my face.

“I was screaming for help and people came to my aid … it’s those people that I’m really hoping will come forward.”

While the dog walker provided his details, witnesses are being sought as part of an ongoing investigation by Hobsons Bay council.

Ms Hickie said that after the attack, a man and woman carried her to a second man’s car, that man then drove her home. Her husband took her to Footscray Hospital where she underwent emergency surgery to insert a plate in her injured leg.

“The impact on my life has been devastating,” Ms Hickie said. “I used to love running around Hobsons Bay with my dog, but now I am on crutches and confined to bed rest for months and have had to take extended leave from my job.

“My concern is equally for the community – that dog and that walker are still out there and someone else could experience a similar situation.”

Council officers are urging anyone who witnessed the incident or has information to come forward.

Christina Hickie in hospital. Photo: Supplied