A colourful creation is helping spread a poignant message in Sunshine.

A mural adorning a wall opposite Sunshine station features native animals surrounded by litter.

Friends of Kororoit Creek president Jessica Gerger said the community group commissioned the artwork to get people thinking about the consequences of litter.

“We’re very passionate about litter not ending up in the creek. We really wanted to do something big and to make a statement,” Ms Gerger said. “We told the artists we wanted beautiful animals pushed up against litter with the line ‘Rubbish on the street ends up in the creek’ because a lot of people don’t make that connection.

“Every time there’s a big rain, so much junk gets washed up and it has a bad affect on the wildlife and water quality.”

Ms Gerger said the location had been chosen to maximise impact.

“We regularly hold clean-ups in this area as part of the ‘Love your station” day … and the owner of the building was really open to the idea.”

The mural was created by artists Seb and AJ over a two-day period. Seb said the duo enjoyed the creative flexibility.

“We had our brief about the animals, litter and slogan, but we were able to create it in our own way.

“We didn’t really draw up a plan, we just arrived on the day and used the wall and it’s colours.”

The friends group received a Brimbank City Council litter blitz grant which was used for the mural and bin wraps and cigarette butt bins.