Brimbank council has flagged its intentions to sell a vacant parcel of land, however one councillor has slammed the move as premature.

The council will soon give public notice that it intends to sell the land at 130 McIntyre Road, Sunshine North, after an officer’s report deemed it surplus to needs.

The site, a 651 square metre undeveloped allotment, is currently vacant except for an improvised vegetable garden, which has been fenced off using makeshift fencing.

Cr John Hedditch said a move to sell the land would be premature for an area starved of open space.

“Like all of our councillors, I’m really proud of our parks and our playgrounds, but there are a number of areas where we have issues,” Cr Hedditch said.

“North Sunshine is an area where we have an open space deficit and there’s no clear program at all to address that deficit, in my opinion.

“For me this is a premature sale.

“I say that acknowledging the council officer report, I say that acknowledging that today, there appears to be no useful use for it … I say it knowing that in the future, communities will need buffer spaces where they can introduce new, different activities that may not have been thought of today. Communities all around Australia retain surplus land for that purpose.”

Despite his objection the recommendation to sell the property was passed.