Gates at Lalor Recreation Reserve will be locked overnight for the next three months as Whittlesea council tries to curb anti-social behaviour at the Sydney Crescent park.

Councillors voted last Tuesday to conduct a three month trial closure of the reserve’s access gate between 8pm and 7am following complaints from residents.

In June, four residents of Gordon Street, Lalor wrote to the council regarding ongoing anti-social behaviour at the reserve.

They raised concerns about 24-hour access to the carpark and misuse of the coaches boxes at the ground.

The letter followed 28 complaints to the council’s customer service department between June 2013 and June 2018 about vandalism, rubbish dumping and fires at the reserve.

Police data reveals 25 offences were recorded at the reserve between April 2012 and March 2018, relating to crime against the person, property and deception offences, and public order and security offences.

The reserve is home to Lalor Bowling Club, Lalor Warriors Cricket Club, Lalor Football Club and Lalor Tennis Club.

It features two bowling greens and club rooms, a shared cricket and football oval, cricket nets and club rooms, and six tennis courts and clubrooms.

Lalor Football Club president Ben Charles said the club had not been impacted by any anti-social behaviour at the reserve in recent years.

Mr Charles said the club had reported some vandalism to the council a couple of years ago, but the issue was dealt with quickly and did not affect teams.