Diggers Rest Primary School students walked away from class last Friday covered in every colour of the rainbow, but it was all for a good cause.
The school organised a ’Colour Run’ on November 22 to raise money for their 2020 school musical, with students covered head to toe in dry paint, and being sprayed with water from the local CFA to create a vibrant scene.
Education support teacher Fiona Cortese said more than 280 students took part in the run, which has helped raise $10,000 for the production.
“We’ve done a colour run before, but it’s so much bigger this year,“ Ms Cortese said.
“The school community is growing, so that means the production gets bigger each year, and we’ve done a colour run before but this one is so much bigger.
“The kids are pretty pumped, it’s an exciting day for them“
The school production of ’The Wizard of Oz’ will take place in September next year, and the growing school is hoping to get as much of the school involved as possible.
“It’s a great musical to get the whole school involved,“ Ms Cortese said.
“Each grade will perform a song in the musical, and because our numbers have grown we need a bigger venue which means more fundraising.
“We’ll have rehearsals early next year, but we’ve started getting the ball rolling and seeing which kids want to put their hand up to audition for a part, but the excitement is already starting to build.“